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Fitting rubber What precautions are needed

What a great way to maintain and care about composite fabrics have

Functional fabric composite material properties of waterproof and breathable TPU film and precautions

Composite fabric maintenance and differential mode presentation

Carse teaches you use the operating method of fitting rubber

Carse teach you to identify methods of fabrics and features introduced

Composite fabrics and fleece What precautions

Sporting goods industry trends in 2016 forecast

Sporting goods industry trends in 2016 forecast

2016 coincides with the quadrennial Olympic Games, so it is conducive to the development of sports goods industry. Brands during the Olympic Games ready to release new products. We expect to see a lot of innovative products in Brazil, many of which will focus on new manufacturing technologies --3D print. The last quarter of 2015, sports shoes to join the best performer in 2016 will also continue this trend. "Basketball fever" began to calm down, running is popular. Hiking shoes category strong performance, and with the integration of outdoor activities and sports, this category will maintain good momentum of development....
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