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Dear visitors, when you enter the "contact us" page, you have become our most valued customers, Welcome to Dongguan City Heng Industrial Co., Ltd. official website ---- Carse environmentally friendly materials. As an online customer service, every day I welcome your visit with a smile, although you are at the other end of the network, but I believe that you are sure to feel the feeling I am happy to work, because I know that you, like me, like happy to pay, happy work.

Contact information
24-hour technical support:0086-769-88684222-853    Fax: 0086-769-88684555
Contacts:Ervin 0086 13592731931   E-mail:ervin@henda.com.cn   Complaints E-mail:wrz@dghenda.com  Website:www.dghenda.com
Company address
Add: Linhai North Road, Dani Village, Shatian Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
Bus lines:From Houjie direction: 1 Road, 830 Road to Dani Market and get off; from Humen direction: 870 Road to Dani market and get off.

Core Products
Donguan City Daheng Industrial Co., Ltd. Mainly engaged in shoe materials, sports equipment, handbags, luggage, clothing, furniture, electronics and other raw materials with light plastic materials production and processing. Ready to meet our customers on our products and service requirements, complete and diverse business products, products sold throughout the country and European markets.

Dongguan City Daheng Industrial Co.,Ltd. 
Tel:+86-769-88684222   E-mail:ervin@henda.com.cn  Complaints Email:wrz@dghenda.com 
Add: Linhai North Road, Dani Village, Shatian Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China