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Donguan City Daheng Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in May, 1995. It was named as “Dongguan City Hengda Shoes Material Co., Ltd.” at first; but now, it has been renamed as “Dongguan City Daheng Industrial Co., Ltd.”  It covers an area of 10000 square meters and a floor space of 12000 square meters. It has scale and mature bonding technology. Business scope: material bonding for shoe、apparel、sports equipment、handbag、suitcase、furnishing、electronic auxiliary materials and so on. It has kinds of bonding machine for different usage, such as hot melt adhesive bonding machine for bonding fabric、flame bonding machine(non-glue bonding)、self adhesive coating machine、special machine for bonding TPU film、PU foam bonding machine、latex laminator、oil coating machine、cutting strip machine、drawing strip machine、hot melt adhesive coating machine and various kinds of inspection machine. All machine are more than 20.There are various kinds of technical personnel. The products are well sold all over the country, even exported to Europe, America, Oceania, Middle East etc.

Main Scope:

(1) “Hengda”eco-friendly lining fabric for boot: hot pressing type(A、C、E、F、H) and self adhesive type. It is used for kinds of product of leather. It is breathable. It keeps original property of leather. When leather is reinforced by lining fabric, leather will be beautiful and stiff. Besides, it will prevent shrinking from leather.

(2)  Fabric bonding: The fabrics will be bonded by eco-friendly hot melt adhesive which meets Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class II. The bonded fabric is eco-friendly、soft、washable、dry cleanable. It is used for garment、glove、bra、hat、furniture、toys、cushion、baby car and so on.

(3) TPU breathable and waterproof film bonding: Material which is bonded with TPU breathable and waterproof film is soft、waterproof、windproof、breathable. At the same time, it gets rid of water vapor which is caused by sports in order to keep body dry. It is used for waterproof shoe、Ski boots、phone case for sports、soft-shell、snow jacket、medical equipments、sleeping bag and so on. 

(4) Flame bonding(non-glue bonding): Special PU foam for flame bonding as a bridge, is melt by flame to bond other material. The finished product is soft、washable、dry、eco-friendly.

(5) Hot melt adhesive bonding: Hot melt adhesive under the condition of inhibiting chemical reaction, is heated and melt into fluid in order to facilitate coating. When two adherents is cooled, adhesive layer plays the role of cohesion. Moisture in air reacts with moisture of adherents’ surface. It causes strong polymer in order to improve adhesive、heat resistance、low temperature and so on. It is used for auto industry、leather bonding、apparel、footwear、medical and hygiene. Apparel with TPU film、PTFE membrane and PU film which is bonded in this way, is waterproof、breathable and soft. It will be waterproof、breathable、windproof、warm、antibacterial、dry and durable together. It is used for sportswear、jacket、windbreaker、winter wear、ski-wear、clothes for police and military and insulating clothing and so on.

(6) Various kinds of bonding and coating: PU foam bonding、solvent adhesive bonding、latex bonding、leather bonding、hot melt adhesive coating、self adhesive coating、oil coating、strip cutting、strip drawing and so on.

(7) Kinds of lining fabric in garment: ultra-fine velvet、polar fleece、kinds of mesh fabric for sportswear、lycra fabric、knitting fabric、elastic fabric and so on.

(8) Kinds of shoe lining fabric: filament、nylon fabric、VISA、air mesh fabric、satin fabric、non woven fabric、fine fabric、lycra fabric、jersey fabric、terry fabric、fuzzing fabric、velvet fabric、tricot and so on. 

(9) Kinds of shoe accessory: EVA、high foam、RB material、Chemical sheet、CR3、PU foam、Latex foam、SBR、Reinforcing band

Hall of honor · Quality certified
Quality certification
Through strict quality management, to produce high-quality products, customers become long-term strategic partner. Our product quality of life, and to provide comprehensive distribution services, pay attention to corporate governance, and to forward the advanced international quality system. In 2000 through the ISO9002, and in 2004 it passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification.

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